Brazilian food with Finnish Twist

Healthy, Happy and Wonderful

On 15.09.21 I decided: enough is enough, I want to achieve my goals of been more healthy now!

On my research for REAL knowledge on what is healthy, I discover not only that all this diet programs are missing the point by far, but also that I can eat anything and everything I want! The secret is on choose real food and better combinations.

Unpack less, peel more! This is what my nutritionist Carol Borghesi teaches and I decided to share what I am learning with you!

Here you will find the same delicious Brazilian food but with some special options that make them even more delicious. You don´t need to be radical, stress will never be a good thing for you, the pleasure of eating must start from the moment you lay your eyes on the dish and ends with your body´s signs of improvement.

Since I started + 15.09.21, (today is 06.10.2021) I already lost 3,5kg eating the same food with a better combination and learning little things that make a total difference and I didn´t believe it before that was possible without diet!

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